Reversal of Zeeba Fortune

Fans of Pearls Before Swine are all too aware of “Zeeba’s” sad story. By nature, a peaceful creature, vegetarian, and good neighbor, the zebra is endlessly pursued by Larry, the insanely ravenous (but dangerously stupid) crocodile next door. Larry makes one attempt on Zeeba Neighba’s life after another, but all comes to naught because, on Oct 27, 2009, Zeeba eats Larry. R.I.P.?


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Commentary from an unknown Reedie

Last night, Emily, one of my Chem 201 students found this heartfelt commentary scratched into one of the old wooden chairs in Eliot 314:

“If I had one hour to live, I would spend it here because it would last forever”

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John Daido Loori, 1931-2009


John Daido Loori was a chemist, photographer, and leader (roshi) of the Zen Mountain Monastery. Some of his photos and a remembrance. More links.

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Summer ends, new school year begins

Summer still has several weeks to go unless you’re a Reed prof whose job it is
to teach a large course like o-chem on Aug 31 and you’ve got to get
READY. Here are some items to help returning students (if you want to know what I did for MY summer vacation, skip to the next page):

  • O-chem (201) students: go to the Chem 201-202 home page for news and instructions (there’s also a link on this page under Courses). The 201-202 site will be updated many times in August so keep checking back.
  • Transfer courses:
    I am no longer the Chem dept chair so I will not be signing credit
    transfer requests (see below for one important exception). If you want to transfer
    a “foreign” chemistry course, see our new dept chair, Ron McClard, but
    first read the Transfer Credit instructions (there’s also a link on this page under Visitors). The exception: if you want to transfer geology course credit, come see me (and please read the Transfer Credit instructions).
  • Chem seniors looking for thesis projects:come
    see me. I have two types of projects to offer you this year: lab experiments directed at the
    synthesis and study of new Fe-TAML oxidation catalysts, and
    small-molecule computational experiments that can be directed at any
    topic of mutual interest. Project descriptions will eventually be posted in the Research zone (there’s also a link on this page under Visitors).
  • Green science project: the Project entered a dormant phase last spring, but its ready to be rebooted this fall with a new band of student volunteers. Want to get
    involved? Read the latest post [posted 8/30/09] on the Green Science blog to see what I have in mind (and send me your comments, supportive or otherwise)

Oh, and here’s what I did for my summer vacation:
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Try Meditation

I’ve been using this blog as my home page for 3 weeks and it works ok! A little clunky in places, but easy to update, and really easy to post some strange stuff.

Share the moment with Rat & Goat (Pearls Before Swine Aug 16, 2008).

Pearls try meditation 081608.png
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