Russell Scarola ’96 writes, Now we are 4

Russ is a familiar name to the many generations of Reed students who relied on his help to get them through Chem 101/102. At 12:34 AM on July 29 he posted this message (head over there for more info and photos):

“Now we are 4. Around 16 years ago Connie and I met. Around 8 years ago we chose to get married. Around 4 years ago our first son was born. And now today, we who were once 2, now we are 4. Powers of two abound! So proud of my lovely wife and my amazing first son. So thankful for the community of support both present with us and sending love from all around. So in awe of how profoundly beautiful and spiritual and grounding birth can be. Working back and forth with mama, born into light in a tub at home: Jalen Piercy Earl Scarola. 8.6 pounds, 22 inches.”

Congratulations! And welcome to Jalen – we are so glad you’re here.

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  1. Chantal Sudbrack says:

    Congratulations, Russ! Glad to hear of this joyous news

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