A friend told me about this website today and while its not directly related to this class I think it is definitely something worth sharing. The video below does a great job of explaining the concept but to sum up, Duolingo is basically a website that is attempting to translate the internet through tiny fragments of work done by millions of people online, who are in turn learning a language as they translate relevant and interesting material (as opposed to formulaic/dry textbook stuff). It builds on the idea pioneered by this guy's CAPTCHA, which is the thing that makes you type in wierd combinations of words when you are registering for a website or whatever. However, whereas CAPTCHA is working to digitize books, Duolingo is aiming to both translate the web while simultanously fostering language education. It's still in an early stage (and only has Spanish and German) and is limiting new users (I haven't gotten an account yet) but apparently this site really does help you learn a language. 



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