Reed Canyon Wildlife

With the restoration of Reed Canyon, we’ve been accumulating a lot of native critters. Here’s a selection of some recent sightings:

Otters are making increasingly regular appearances in the Canyon – look for them early morning, particularly by the outdoor amphitheatre

A video of the same otter frolicking away can be seen here:

Baby ducks are also making an appearance:

A hummingbird preparing to perch:

Canadian Geese make a particular fuss in the early morning. Most will simply pass through the Canyon on the way to other climes, though some will stay here and nest:

A Western Painted Turtle lounging on a log. Don’t confuse it with its invasive doppleganger, the red-eared slider.

There are many beautiful songbirds in the Canyon peeping out from unexpected niches, such as this wren on a recently fallen cedar.

Interested in other denizens of the Canyon? Check out these previous entries on minks, newts and beavers, or write one up yourself! Questions, comments, concerns? Check out our Facebook page or email Zac Perry at perryz AT reed DOT edu.

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