Blackberry Fields Forever Part Two: What we did with thirty pounds of blackberries

When last we left our adventurers, they had returned from a successful journey to Sauvie Island with thirty (yes, thirty) pounds of blackberries.


Yeah so spoiler alert, we baked a lot of really beautiful things with the blackberries, like this cobbler! But keep reading anyways!

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Blackberry Fields Forever Part One: How we came into possession of thirty pounds of Blackberries.

On a lovely, windy Saturday morning right at the end of orientation week, a crew of adventurous and freshly oriented students from Old Dorm Block embarked on a quest that turned out to be quite, well, fruitful.


Their quest took them far from their beautiful old brick home at the heart of Reed’s campus all the way to Sauvie Island, an idyllic expanse of every type of U-Pick farm imaginable: apples, flowers, pumpkins, christmas trees, and, of course, berries.  Now, the date of this quest happened to be right smack in the middle of Blackberry Season.  And oh, what a season it was.  After arriving safely at Sauvie Island Farms thanks to the expertise of a capable van driver–(thanks Aaron!)–our band of heroes was bowled over by the bounty of bushes bursting with ripe blackberries awaiting them.  The sheer number of blackberries present at every turn may have overwhelmed some less-seasoned adventurers,  but not our brave ODB residents.  In less than an hour of furious picking (and maybe little bit of snacking), these berry bosses had three overflowing boxes of the antioxidant-packed and delicious little fruits.

Three boxes!  When taken in comparison to the thousands of blackberries left still ripening on the bushes at Sauvie Island Farms, three boxes may not have seemed like much.  But when our heroes lugged these three boxes (thirty pounds!) of blackberries home to discover that they filled an entire freezer compartment and then some, they wondered:

“Have we picked off more than we can chew?”

Stay tuned for part two to see the ingenious way our brave protagonists made use of thirty pounds of frozen blackberries!

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Photos of Campus Life that Didn’t Make it into the Reed Lookbook

Incoming students, welcome! As you daydream about the divided doubles and coed restrooms that will be yours in just two weeks, I’d like to offer some titillating imagery of campus life that you may not find elsewhere. I adore our campus; it is green and it smells good, smells like nature, nourishes me when life in Reed world gets cray. Below is a sort of Residence Life tour informed by the experience I happen to have had here over the last three years:

Appreciating the natural beauty of Reed campus:

1. Spring is really beautiful in Portland… and is such a relief.


Tulips are some of the first signs of spring we see around campus.

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Biking in SE Portland

One of the best things about living at Reed isn’t even on campus!  Living in the middle of SE Portland means excellent access to bike paths and bike friendly streets taking you to downtown, Mt. Tabor, Sellwood and more!  Here is one of my favorite rides starting from Reed.  It’s  under 10 miles round trip, so it’s accessible to almost any skill level of biker, but it will still manage to give you a great sense of the city of Portland.


Downtown/Steel Bridge

This one’s a classic.  It’s a great way to see the Willamette and explore the west side of town all while staying on a beautiful and spacious bike path.  First, you leave campus heading towards the 7-Eleven.  Then, making your way up 26th, turn left on Gladstone.  This street winds around and somehow turns into 21st, which you use to cross Powell.  Now here’s where things get fun.  First, the People’s Food Co-op will be on your left, with a sweet juice bar/food cart out front called Sip.  Try the Maca Madness if you ever get a chance!

Urban Foraging Pro Tip # 1: In the summer, there are two plentiful plum trees a block past People’s.  (They’re okay to eat because they’re on the sidewalk, so it’s not stealing, I looked it up!) One of them has yellow plums the other purple.  I’ve only had the yellow ones so far.  They’re amazing.

Once you’re done feasting on plums, continue to Divison St.  Here you’re going to take the diagonal street: Ladd.  It’s an awesome neighborhood for biking.  It’s beautiful, you can take up the whole road, and on morning commutes you’ll sometimes see twenty or so cyclists in a line all going to work.  Take this through Ladd Circle and right before you hit Hawthorne and the Hawthorne food carts (home of the famous PB&J fries) head left on Clay.  There’s a small bike lane for you to turn through, no cars allowed!  This will take you all the way down to the river.  Once on the river, you head north along the bike path to the Steel Bridge.  Along the way you will ride on a floating bike path, where you can see great sunsets and a silhouette of downtown (Fig. 2.)


Cross the Willamette along the Steel Bridge, it’s pretty obvious which bridge this is.  It’s very much made of Steel.  Now you’re downtown! So fast and easy! From here you can do anything, everything downtown Portland is very close, and if you don’t feel comfortable riding anywhere in the city, you can just hop onto the MAX with your bike.  This can take you to Washington Park and the Zoo, and all kinds of food carts, among other things.  To get back to Reed, you can cross the Hawthorne bridge, head south on the bike path until you get to the new MAX line, and ride along Tilikum Way (brand new MAX line, just in time for the school ) up to Clinton.  This is a very relaxing street to cruise on.  It takes you back to 21st, and from there you should know the way back by now.  Urban Foraging Pro Tip #2: Don’t forget to eat some plums on your way back.

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Meet your new bloggers: Lydia

Hi Everyone:
Like Mara, I’ll also be blogging throughout the rest of the summer and into the 2015/2016 school year!  I’m a rising senior Psychology major, and I’ve been an HA for 2 years and a summer.10392319_10153335417733910_1984641736745686799_n

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Peaceful Oases on Reed Campus

Pretty much the entire Reed campus is gorgeous, and there are tons of pleasant places to settle down with the books or friends of your choice.  However, sometimes the go-to places for such activities are too crowded and bustling (commons at lunch, for example, can get quite crazy, and good luck trying to get a picnic table outside when it’s sunny).  The following are some lesser-known cozy/beautiful places around campus where you can retreat when you need to!

IMG_5203 view

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Meet Your New Bloggers: Mara

Hi Reed,

My name is Mara, and I’ll be writing blog posts through Summer 2k15 and into the next school year! I’m going to be a Senior biology major, which is a daunting thing to be able to say out loud. I’ve been an HA for a year and a summer, and look forward to being in the Grove next year.

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Coffee Shops of SouthEast PDX

What really makes a coffee shop great? Free wifi is a must. Cheap refills, perhaps? Sufficient table room to spread out your computer and textbook? The availability of “real” food (sandwiches rather than sweet muffins)? In this series we explore shops in SE that most Reed students frequent for social gatherings and focused study time.


1. First Cup
Distance from Reed: 0.3 miles
Food: Best bagels ever including gluten free. Classic baked goods spread, but not much in the way of good hot food choices. There are some cold options in a fridge.
Drink: Tasty coffee for medium price, fun specials, fridge of cold bottled drinks
Study friendly: There are so many outlets. You will not be wanting for outlets. If it is very full you might get stuck at one of the small tables that can only fit one computer, but with patience you can snag a bigger table if you don’t mind moving. It has a covered patio that is super dog friendly.

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Res Hall Series Reveals: Foster Sholz MacNaughton

FSM Blog Post Intro Shot

Besides FSMs proximity to food, the gym, and bus routes, there are a lot of great things that the residents this year have experienced or learned about it. Meet Ellie, Tenzin, and Emmie! They allowed us into their worlds to photograph their spaces and hear about their year in FSM!

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Res Hall Series Reveals: The Cross Canyons

welcome sign wild side

Hi there! My name is Mara, a rising Senior biology major here at Reed. For the past three years, I have lived in three different Cross Canyon residence halls. I’m here to shine some light on the wonderful communities that call this area group home.

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