Old Dorm Block gets BAKED: Pottery and Pastries!

Alaïa and I, both HAs in Old Dorm Blocks, brought our dormies on a day trip to the Pearl district downtown. After a quick drive across the river, our first stop was the Museum of Contemporary Craft. On display was This Is Not A Silent Movie: Four Contemporary Alaska Native Artists, a feature presented by different Alaska Native artists whose “groundbreaking contemporary works question institutional methods of identifying Native heritage, examine their own mixed-race identities, and challenge perceptions and stereotypes about indigenous peoples.” My favorite was one of the walrus ivory figurines by Susie Silook, Ice Incantation [picture included]. In addition to the Alaskan native art, the MCC featured British Ceramics, and  one of the local artists was actually throwing (as in creating, not hurling) ceramic pieces downstairs in the gift shop!
Once we had finished up at the museum, we walked over to Pearl Bakery to enjoy a delicious afternoon snack. I got a decadent brownie, but others bought sandwiches, cookies, and other baked goods. With our minds and bellies full of new goodies, we returned to the van and back to campus, all glad that we had the opportunity to escape the bubble on a sunny Sunday afternoon.




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Woodbrige “Godfather” Pasta Dinner: A Visual Story

This week Woodbridge got together and had a big dinner of pasta and tomato sauce and watched Francis Ford Coppola’s classic, “The Godfather, Part II.”


Our resident Cheesemaster does one of the things he does best.

Ingredients prepped and ready to go. We didn’t have a lid big enough for the pot we borrowed from commons, so we used a baking sheet instead.

Ingredients prepped and ready to go. We didn’t have a lid big enough for the pot we borrowed from commons, so we used a baking sheet instead.

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Commons Hacks Round 2

I will begin by saying that a lot of these hacks are ridiculously simple. BUT I think they also show how you can get ~*~*creative*~*~ at Commons without spending too much time trying to get your concoction together.

So here it is.


Sometimes you feel like eating something greasy and absolutely stomach-turning and you, unfortunately, do not have time for/access to Taco Bell. Resolve this horrible affliction by making your own NACHOS.

Get some sour cream and salsa from the gluten-free station. Get olives and cheese from the salad bar. Grab some Doritos and a plate. You know where this is going. Nuke it all together. Nachos! Like the kind you would buy at your neighborhood roller rink as a wee child. Revel!



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On Senior Lottery Changes

Hi, junior Reedies! We’ve heard that some of you are anxious about your chances of getting a room on campus for next academic year, so we wanted to try to help dispel a few of the myths that seem to be circulating and help you feel better informed about the room selection process. Here’s the senior lottery change that we made:

*Before this year, seniors received two lottery numbers and could participate in both the senior and general lottery. This year we have consolidated the process and given seniors one lottery time slot during which they can view senior and general lottery rooms all at the same time. Non-senior students will only be able to view general lottery rooms.

And here are a few facts and numbers about senior housing on campus:

*Seniors are now able to see all senior and general lottery rooms at the same time, thus allowing them to make a more informed housing decision and not gamble on which of their lottery numbers is better. This is a change from the old process, in which once a senior selected a room in the senior lottery they wouldn’t be able to see which general rooms would have been available to them.

*The same number of senior rooms are set aside for seniors this year as there have been in past years – over 1/3 of the rooms in the general lottery are reserved for seniors only. Seniors still have the same chances of securing a room as they have in the past.

* Based on numbers from the current lottery, we have enough senior rooms set aside to accommodate about 80% of the seniors who signed up for the lottery. The remaining 20% will have a shot at securing a room in the general lottery. These are much better odds than the rising sophomores or juniors have.

* Our new housing lottery system does not support the function of one student having two lottery numbers. This solution seemed like the best fix to retain seniors’ priority access to rooms while streamlining and simplifying our process.

*Seniors have never been guaranteed housing. Their ability to secure housing has always depended on their lottery time slot and the number of seniors who sign up for the lottery. There have been seniors who have been unable to select rooms in both the senior and general lotteries in past years.

* There are almost 400 students who are rising seniors – if we reserved rooms for seniors the way we do for incoming students, there would be fewer than 100 on-campus beds for the sophomore and junior classes combined.

* Students who are unable to select a room in the lottery will be able to add themselves to the waitlist after the lottery concludes. The waitlist will be organized by cohort number, so if you’re one of the first students to try to select a room after we’ve run out, you’ll be one of the first students to be offered a room. In the past three years we’ve been able to offer a space to everyone on the waitlist before the next academic year begins.

Hope this info helps clear up some of the confusion. Please let us know if you have any questions and best of luck with room selection!


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It’s officially spring and flowers are blooming everywhere!

Check out these blooms growing around campus…

Anna Mann

leaning on Anna Mann


covering the Grove


snuggling up to ODB


hiding in the Canyon


popping up outside of Eliot Hall


spilling all over the lawns

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Pizza & Privilege in Sullivan

On Thursday night before Spring Break, Sullivan 1 and 3 Northside shared pizza and a discussion on the concept of privilege.

pizza privelage

We set the language so that everyone could foster a safe, non-judgmental, and open environment during the discussion. It successfully was so. We mostly talked about interacting with others with different privileges. Most people shared personal experiences, and we came to the following conclusions:

- Never let assumptions of another person’s privileges shape your view of who that person is.
- Open dialogue is key to taking the first step in teaching others about why their behavior/words were offensive, even if that person won’t change.
- It’s ok to follow up later instead of having such open dialogue immediately after the offense. This way, both parties will be in the right mood to talk.
- Everyone is privileged in different ways.
- Privilege is relative to the environment and period in time.
- Privilege is subject to change.

We also reflected on jealousy and reactions to jealousy. Additionally, we talked about how to take responsibility for our own emotions, words, and actions in that situation.

Finally, our participants expressed great interest in having more of these kinds of conversations in the future.

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Reali-TEA and Cookies in Outhaus

Outhaus (Naito I) residents ventured outside the bubble, to discuss current, real-world news.

It can be easy at Reed to lose track of current world events. To provide a forum for exposure to and discussion of supra-Reed happenings, for one evening the Outhaus common room was stocked with current events articles, tea, and cookies.

The articles featured local and international stories, ranging from politics to environment to science.

Dialogue regarding the recent developments between Russia and the Ukraine took center stage, and students discussed the history and the motivations behind the actions on either side.

It seems that there is no escaping our inherent Reedie-ness, however, because eventually the conversation turned to an exploration of the question, “what is reality?”


Symbolically drawn on the top of a current events article-- a model of a student's conception of "Reality"

Symbolically drawn on the top of a current events article– a model of a student’s conception of “Reality”

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Portland: Essential Day Trips

With spring break just around the corner and fair weather theoretically in our future, it’s time to start thinking about taking advantage of the Pacific Northwest’s best natural features. Whether you’re a senior taking your final spring break or a prospective student looking to explore the region, these are the must see attractions within a day’s drive of Portland.


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Happy Thursday/What to do Friday

Tomorrow, a very Portland/very Reed event is happening that you all should know about.

RAW (Reed Arts Week) continues tomorrow with a couple of performances booked. We posted a bit about RAW last week. I personally am super excited to see Geneva Jacuzzi, who my friend Rachel turned me on to last week in anticipation of her performance. Geneva Jacuzzi is an LA-based musician/performance artist who reminds me of everything good about the 80s* (but different). Check out this song, which sounds like a revamped version of “Blue Monday” by New Order (uh, but different).

“The Walk” – Geneva Jacuzzi

This is Geneva Jacuzzi. Get excited.

This is Geneva Jacuzzi. Get excited.

Ms. Jacuzzi will be performing at the Masquerade Ball at 9PM in the Student Union. U.S. hard will perform right after her.


*disclaimer: Everything I know about the 80s comes from VH1′s “I Love the 80s” and John Hughes movies.

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Reed’s New Smoking Policy

Last night, Reed adopted a new smoking policy that will significantly change the walk to class.

The new policy will go into effect once four new smoking structures are built to accommodate for rain. In essence, the policy requires Reedies to avoid smoking on pathways (between 7AM and 7PM), bridges, and within ten feet of buildings.

Smokers also have to dispose of their cigarette butts in proper receptacles, like this one outside the Paradox!

Smokers also have to dispose of their cigarette butts in proper receptacles, like this one outside the Paradox!

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