The Group Interview

Friendly neighborhood senior HA here to give some tips on that daunting (and exciting) group interview. “Group interview, what’s that?” you may ask. The group interview is the last phase of the HA interview process. Here are some logistics:

You will receive an email by the end of the day on Thursday, February 18 indicating whether your application has continued on to Phase Three. If it has continued, you will be required to attend a Group Interview on Sunday, February 28. You will be assigned an interview time that lasts at least 90 minutes. You must be available for this interview in order to continue in the HA selection process.

But what does a group interview look like?
It will look like you in a room with other HA-candidates. Some RDs and senior HAs will be sitting nearby, scribbling notes down. Try to ignore the scribblers! They are there because they have to be, but they don’t want to impede your performance. You and the other HA candidates will have a task or conversation prompt that you have a while to ponder through together.

That sounds really scary.
It can be nerve wracking to be watched, but it’s not meant to be! Again, try to ignore the scribbling HAs and RDs and imagine that you are in a conference style class, collaborating with your peers. Try to be presentattentive, and receptive to the ideas your fellow candidates are posing to the group.

WHY a group interview?
A lot of the HA job is team brainstorming, and the execution of ambitious events with the efforts and talents of all team members. The group interview is a small slice of what the job will be like. It will not only be indicative of how you will do in the job, but provide you with experience and a better idea of what to expect of a lot of the area group meetings that go on when you are an HA.


Remember to wear something a tad fancy!

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