Kris Anderson, Assistant Professor, Psychology

Anderson is a board member of the Women’s Commission on Alcohol and Drugs Issues- Oregon, and in the past, has been actively involved with the Northwest Institute on Alcohol and Drug Issues and the Society of Addiction Psychologists (Division 50) of the American Psychological Association. Anderson presents her academic research on addiction to schools in the Portland area, both to educators and to students themselves, and works to translate her research into policy that will aid the larger community.

At Reed, Anderson teaches a Clinical Psychology class that requires a minimum of 25 hours to volunteer work beyond campus. Anderson feels strongly about the volunteer component of the class because of her background in special education, clinical psychology, and her own engagement with the broader Portland community through her research. Requiring to students to volunteer and gain concrete experience in the experience of mental health allows “the community to be part of the laboratory.” Anderson notes that several of her students have gone on to professional positions at these organizations and that most have commented that their volunteer experience was “not what they expected,” which she sees as a good sign.

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Richard Healey, Mathematics, Class of 1965

Healey founded Grassroots Policy Project (GPP) in 1994. GPP works with social movement organizations to develop strategic practice: how activist groups can incorporate concepts about power, ideaology, and social justice into their daily practice. The organization strives to translate these big ideas and theories into practical tools.

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Mary Lindebald-Fry, Sociology, Class of 2013

In the summer of 2011, Lindebald-Fry worked for the Colville Confederated Tribes at the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) office, which aims to assist Native American families in becoming self-sufficient.

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Vasishth Srivastava, International Comparative Policy Studies, Class of 2013

In the summer of 2011, Srivastava interned at Senator Richard Blumenthal’s office in D.C. after working with Blumenthal on his campaign the previous fall.

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Ruth Linehan, Linguistics, Class of 2012:

In the summer of 2011, Linehan worked at Project Vote Smart in Philipsburg, Montana, a volunteer-driven organization that compiles research about political candidates and policy in order to create a better informed democracy.

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Nora McConnell-Johnson, Sociology, Class of 2012

In the summer of 2011, McConnell-Johnson interned at US Senator Jeff Merkley’s office.

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Daniel Sellers, Political Science, Class of 2013

In the summer of 2011, Sellers interned with the Center for American Progress, in D.C. on their online communications team, with the support from Reed’s Elizabeth J. Ducey Internship award.

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Caitlin Baggott, American Studies, Class of 1999

Baggott is the Executive Director of the Bus Project Foundation, which seeks to improve the lives of all Oregonians by engaging and educating the next generation of Oregon’s citizen leaders. The Bus Project Foundation focuses on issues such as: “keeping it green, ramping up the equality, robust health outcomes for all communities, sane economic policies, smart schools, and more accessible and effective government.” The organization works to transform these issues on the state level.

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Nell Niles Edgington, History, Class of 1995

Edgington is the President of Social Velocity, an organization that hopes to accelerate social innovation by leading non-profits to great social impact and sustainability. Edgington was also instrumental to the growth of SEEDS while a student at Reed.

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Lauren Creany, Special Gifts Officer, Development Office

Creany volunteers with Oregon Volunteers’ AmeriCorps Program, as a peer reviewer for grants for non-profits and schools applying to host AmeriCorps programs in order to address issues related to education, healthy futures, clean energy/environment, veterans, and economic opportunity. This work is important to Creany because she believes that AmeriCorps service is one of the best ways to handle intractable problems in our communities. “A strong AmeriCorps program is a boon both for the AmeriCorps members involved in the service as well as the communities they serve,’ Creany says. Creany also volunteers to coordinate the Oregon alumni interview program for the private highschool she attended.  Creany says, “Interviewing students for Choate has been unexpectedly rewarding this year because I’ve had the opportunity to meet some really interesting and talented young people.”

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