#23: Identities in Superhero Comics with Precious Romo ’21, Art

Precious and Amelie discuss Precious’s thesis work, which included creating an original comic called MOTH, and a written thesis exploring identity in superheroes and superhero comics.

Reed community members can read Precious’s thesis, “Framing Heroes In Crisis: Approaches to Identity in Superhero Comics,” online in the Electronic Theses Archive.

#22: Afghanistan and the Taliban with Ethan Sandweiss ’19, History

Our host, Amelie Andreas ’24, speaks with Ethan Sandweiss ’19 about his thesis on Afghanistan entitled “Highway to Hell: Afghanistan, America, and the Fragmented State.” Since this episode concerned recent events, this interview focuses a little more on the content of the thesis, and a little less on the experience of writing the thesis, than our interviews usually do. It is also a little bit longer than most episodes.

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