What we’re reading: week of April 13th

The end of the term is nigh – hang in there! Here are a few data-relevant headlines that caught my eye this week.

How tall is tall? (And how difficult is mountaineering, anyway?) I enjoyed this visualization of both Mt Everest and the process of summiting. Particularly effective, methinks: even as a (desk/couch-sitting) web-viewer, you start at the bottom, and work your way up. [Scaling Mt Everest | Washington Post]

Speaking of data visualizations, here’s a good introduction to data visualization from the folks behind Seeing Data — first in a number of new resources they will be releasing. [Understanding Data Visualizations | Seeing Data]

Heads-up, R aficionados! The latest update to R has been released! This update doesn’t contain any major changes to the user experience, but is mostly under-the-hood fine tuning to improve performance. (Note: binaries for Mac and Windows aren’t yet available.) [R 3.2.0 released | Revolutions]

And this week’s Indexed goes out to all of you folks in the trenches of academia, theory, practice — and getting through the end of the term. [Theory vs. Practice | Indexed]

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