Project Name: Dog cutout

Laser Cutter Settings

  • Wood

Cut Power: 50
Cut Speed: 50
Engrave Power: 25
Engrave Speed: 100

Software: Illustrator
Type of Project: Personal
Project Info:

I was wondering how well a random colored image would come out using the laser cutter. I turned the original photo into a black and white .bmp using the posterize function in photoshop, then prepped it for cutting using illustrator. I ran the programmed cut function twice, as it was still stick in the block after the first run. It came out great! I forgot to smooth the edges of the .bmp in illustrator before running the program, so it took a little longer than normal to cutout, but the texture on the edges was really great. On bigger projects, however, this would probably be unwise.

I also tried running the image as a black and white .png on some scrap wood, which was a mistake! The final engraving looked very abstract, with squares of the image scattered about randomly so that it didn’t look anything like a dog.

(the line through the middle is from the scrap wood I used, not the laser cutter)