Ballot Returns in NC by Party and by Race

The one-stop absentee voting option has begun in North Carolina, and in-person votes are going to quickly swamp the no-excuse absentee by-mail ballots.

As of the close of balloting last night, the absentee ballot file includes 337,609 records.  The breakdown of these by type of ballot is as follows:








However, as anyone who is familiar with by-mail and in-person voting knows, there are racial and partisan differences underlying these data.

As shown below, 92% of the by-mail absentee ballot requests were made by White voters while only 61.8% of the one-stop returns (thus far) have come from White voters.  (By the way, 40%, or 60,957 White voters have returned their by-mail ballots compared to 34% or 4406 of Black voters.)  This is the main reason that states that have tried to shorten the early in-person voting period without altering the absentee by-mail period have faced close scrutiny.