National Vote at Home Institute Announces Circle of Advisors to Include Paul Gronke, EVIC Director





The National Vote at Home Institute has brought together a powerful, diverse, bipartisan and non-partisan group of election reformers… to strengthen American democracy”.

Vote at Home announced that Paul Gronke, EVIC Founder and Director, will now serve on their Circle of Advisors. Gronke reacts to the news:

Proud to be a member of the Circle of Advisors for the National Vote At Home Institute. The set of advisors includes many experienced election administrators, elected officials, and advocates. I’m pleased that EVIC’s record as a non-partisan purveyor of research, data, and information on non-precinct place voting, including of course vote at home, can contribute the the Institute.

The announcement from Vote at Home including a full list of members and the newly announced directors can be found here.

For more information about Vote at Home, check out their webpage here.