Absentee Ballot Reject Rates in NC

It’s early, but the first ballot return rates are coming in from North Carolina and some patterns are emerging.

  1. Of the 41,245 absentee ballot requests, 83% were from civilians, 8.7%were from the military, and 8% were from overseas voters.
  2. Civilian ballots that have been returned thus far have the highest acceptance rate (90.5% of the 1089 returned), compared to 87.4% of overseas ballots and 82.4% of military ballots.
  3. The main reasons for rejected ballots were cancellations, 6% of civilian and 10% of UOCAVA (there is no difference by status).
  4. However, already 6% of the military ballots have been returned as undeliverable, compared to only 1% of civilian ballots.  This is based on an extremely small sample size–that 6% is based on just 10 returned ballots out of 165 total returned. Nonetheless, undeliverable military ballots have been a point of concern in the past.

More updates as I process this file.  I think this is a great assignment for my Statistics class!