64,000 Florida voters did not vote for President

Image courtesy of Channel 13 News, Orlando FL

This report came across my news feed, courtesy of Channel 13 news in Orlando. I have looked but cannot find the referenced report at the Division of Elections.

One point of interest in the report is the longstanding concern of many political scientists with the way turnout is reported in this country.  When 64,000 voters choose not to vote the top of the ticket in battleground state during a highly contested presidential contest, it’s pretty obvious that turnout should include all voters who showed up and cast (or attempted to cast) a ballot.

“Top of the ticket” totals are inaccurate.

I hope that that the report includes a breakdown by mode of balloting.  There is reference in the report to higher undervote and overvote rates among absentee voters, something Charles Stewart and I found in a 2010 report.  More coming soon!