Embed media from Ensemble into WordPress

You can either a embed a single media item uploaded from the Ensemble media server onto one of Reed’s WordPress sites (either into a blog posting or page), or embed a playlist.

Note: For this tip, be sure that you have contacted a WordPress administrator at its@reed.edu, and have the ensemble plugin activated.

Embed a single media item

Go to ensemble.reed.edu and login, and locate the media that you wish to embed.

Click on the blue “i” button.

ensemble media info icon
click on the blue icon to get the Short Content ID

This will open up a pop up window that looks similar to this.

Copy the Short Content ID onto your clipboard (highlight the code then hit command+C on your keyboard).

Go to your blog page or entry. In a separate WordPress block, add this content:

[ensemblevideo contentid=xyz]

Replace “xyz” with your content code that you had copied previously.

Click on the Publish or Update button in your blog entry, and the media should display.

Embedding Ensemble Playlists

To save an Ensemble playlist, which is a collection of 1 or more media from the library, click on the Playlists in the ensemble library you would like to embed into wordpress.

Under the Library Playlist, click on the “Customize & Embed Playlist” button.

Choose a layout (or use the default Vertical Playlist).

Click on the embed tab.

Copy the embed code in the box.

Go to your WordPress page, and select the section you want to embed the media. Add a new paragraph block, type in “asdf” then click on the 3 dots menu item, and choose Edit as HTML. Highlight and delete the code there, then paste in the embed code copied earlier, then click  on the “convert to html” warning message that may appear.

Click on the “Update” button. The media items should now display.

 Sidenote: any new media published should be added to the default library playlist, so the WordPress page will reflect all media that has been published to this default playlist.

If you experience any problems, contact remote-teaching@reed.edu.