Submitting your thesis to the library

Looking for information about thesis formatting? Wondering when to submit your final thesis to the library? Learn about all things thesis in the Thesis Help 2021-2022 Reference Guide.

During the week of Oral Exams, library staff will contact you about your thesis formatting requirements.

As soon as possible after your exam: make any edits required by your orals board and formatting corrections required by the library. Once these corrections are made, you can submit your final thesis PDF to the online form.

  1. Save your final thesis as a PDF. Gather any additional files that you will want to upload with your thesis.
  2. Decide if you want to include your thesis in the electronic archive. For more information see this website.
  3. Log in to the submission portal and submit your final thesis to the library.
  4. You will not be able to resubmit your thesis so make sure you are submitting your finished document. 
  5. A librarian will check that your thesis meets the requirements and email you indicating if your submission has been approved or if further changes are required.
  6. You are done!

The library will coordinate and cover the cost of the printing and binding of the two library copies. If personal copies are desired, please contact Print Services

Questions? Want more help? Reserve an appointment with a librarian to chat about your thesis via the requesting help form.

Author: Angie Beiriger

Director of Research Services