Harvard Undergrad Linguistics Colloquium : Call for papers

Harvard University is hosting their 8th annual Undergraduate Linguistics Colloquium, April 9-10, 2011. Undergraduate linguistics students from around the country are invited to attend the colloquium and submit abstracts for papers and discussion panels. The colloquium will also feature a talk by a keynote speaker (TBD).

A number of Reed students have attended past Harvard colloquia, and I encourage you to consider submitting a paper to this one. Kara, Svitlana, or I would be happy to help you prepare an abstract. The submission deadline is March 11, and the deadline to register for the conference is April 1.

The official invitation, call for papers, and registration form are posted on the bulletin board outside of Kara’s office. More information on LinG, the undegrad-run Harvard Linguistics Group, can be found here.

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