Reed hires Sameer ud Dowla Khan

Sameer ud Dowla Khan was recently hired to fill a one-year over-enrollment position in the Linguistics Department, and will be joining us in August.

Sameer received his PhD from UCLA in 2008. Since then he has taught in the Linguistics departments at Pitzer College, Cornell University, and most recently Brown University. Sameer primarily teaches courses dealing with the production, perception, and patterns of speech sounds in the world’s languages. He most often teaches phonetics, phonology, and prosody (the phonetic and phonological manipulation of pitch, stress, and length to convey pragmatic meanings); he also teaches courses covering various other subfields of linguistics, including field methods and the languages of South Asia.

Sameer’s research interests span the phonetics and phonology of understudied languages and dialects, with a special focus on intonation, reduplication, and voice quality (phonation). Some of his current projects investigate the measurement of (dis)similarity in echo reduplication, the acoustic and electroglottographic properties of contrastive voice quality in various Asian languages, the pharyngealization and voicing patterns of Upper Saxon, and the intonation and speech rhythm of infant-directed speech across languages with diverse prosodic systems. He has also been developing a phonological model of Bengali intonation, first proposed in his 2008 dissertation.

This coming year, Sameer and I will be co-teaching LING 211 (Introduction to Linguistic Analysis). In addition, Sameer will be teaching LING 312 (Topics in Linguistic Analysis) and LING 336 (Linguistic Field Methods) in the fall; and LING 320 (Phonetics) and LING 352 (The Phonetics, Phonology and Pragmatics of Prosody) in the spring.

Please join me in welcoming Sameer to Reed!

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