Further job search update

We now have some further information to report regarding the search to fill a visiting position in Linguistics for next year. First of all, we now know the exact times and locations for the candidates’ job talks and the student lunches. I’ve given this information below. Second, there’s been a change to the teaching component for this position: the visitor will not be teaching in HUM 110 after all (the college has made other arrangements to staff HUM 110). Instead, the visitor will teach five courses in Linguistics. This means we will be adding up to three more Ling courses to the class schedule once this person is hired.

Katy McKinney-Bock (University of Southern California) will be on campus on Thursday, April 25. Katy is a syntactician and psycholinguist who studies the architecture of grammar and the syntactic and semantic processing of adjectives. She has also done fieldwork on Saisiyat, an Austronesian language of Taiwan. For more information about Katy, check out her webpage here.

Katy will be having lunch with the students at noon in GCC-D. Her job talk (“Exploring Issues across Formal and Experimental Linguistics: The Syntax, Semantics and Real-time Processing of Adjectives”) will be at 4:15 in ETC 205.

David Medeiros (University of Michigan) will be on campus on Monday, April 29. David is a syntactician whose research focuses on imperative constructions. He has also conducted experimental work, looking at the processing of wh-questions in Japanese, and done fieldwork on Hawaiian. More information about David can be found here.

David will be having lunch with the students at noon in GCC-B. His job talk (“VSO is V-S-XP: Deriving the Verb Initial Syntax of Hawaiian”) will be at 4:45 in Vollum 116.

Lyn Shan Tieu (University of Connecticut) will be on campus on Wednesday, May 1. Lyn is a psycholinguist who looks at how children acquire semantics, including how they learn to use negative polarity items. She also studies bilingual/bimodal acquisition and has worked on sign languages. More information about Lyn can be found here.

Lyn will be having lunch with students at noon in GCC-A. HerĀ job talk (“Do Children Know Anything About ‘Anything’? From Licensing to Domain Widening”) will be at 4:45 in ETC 208.

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