Psychology Talk Monday April 22nd: Children’s Narratives

This Monday, April 22nd, at 4:30pm in Psychology 136, the Psychology Department is hosting a talk by┬áRobyn Fivush [ the Samuel Chandler Dobbs Professor of Psychology, at Emory University ] entitled “Narratives of emotional events in developmental and social contexts.”

Robyn’s work should be of interest to you if you care about…

… children, and how they understand the world?
… adolescents, and how they define their identity?
… how does memory function?
… how do emotional events affect us?
… what determines emotional well being?
… the role of families in shaping memory, and in helping children cope?
… the nature of “narratives” – a topic often discussed in literature, but crucial
in shaping the stories that we hold in our memories, defining our lives,
and in shaping the stories we tell each other, as we influence or support each other.

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