CoLang 2014 – Scholarships Available


CoLang 2014: the Institute on Collaborative Language Research is taking place at The University of Texas at Arlington in June and July 2014. CoLang (previously known as InField) allows students and faculty to acquire or refine cutting edge skills in language documentation, revitalization and field linguistics, to network with established international experts in these areas, and to gain hands-on experience in working with endangered and under-described language communities through field methods offerings. An exciting development this year is our partnership with the Linguistic Society of America. Part of this co-sponsorship includes LSA scholarships to CoLang 2014, creating expanded opportunities for academic training in language documentation and field linguistics for faculty and students, including undergraduates.


Internal CoLang Scholarships
There will be a limited number of scholarships available through fundraising efforts. These scholarships will not support travel costs to CoLang 2014, but instead will pay for part or all of the registration and housing costs. If awarded a scholarship, you will be responsible for any costs not provided for by the scholarship. Applications are due by February 17, with one letter of recommendation required from someone familiar with your language work. The application will be available soon.

Complete applications are due by February 17, including recommendation letter. Registration for CoLang 2014 must be completed by no later than April 15, 2014.

Linguistic Society of America
There will be a limited number of scholarships sponsored by theĀ Linguistic Society of America (LSA). In order to apply, you must be a member of the LSA. Based on previous years, it is expected that applications will be available mid-January with a due date at the beginning of February. Notifications will most likely be announced by mid-March.

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