Summer hire for a Phonetics Research Assistant

Did you take Phonetics (LING 320) and love it? Do you want to practice the skills you learned in that class over the summer? And get paid to do it? If so, please contact me about working as a part-time research assistant. I have two projects needing assistance — (a) one requires the creation of stimuli for a perceptual experiment and possible recruitment of participants and conducting test sessions and (b) the other requires segmentation of recordings of an undocumented tone language. Between these two projects, I’ll be happy to accommodate the precise tasks that the position encompasses according to your availability and interests.

Research Assistant in Phonetics:

Hours: Part-time, roughly 40-50 hours total, preferably spread between late May to late June, but other time frames may be acceptable.
Rate: $10.38 – Student Assistant III
Requirements: Phonetics coursework and experience with Praat will be strongly preferred. Please mention any background you have in phonetics, phonology, and psycholinguistics.
Application method: Letter of interest emailed to James at
Application deadline: Tues, May 17th at 12pm.
Benefits: Opportunity to hone those research skills before thesis time!

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