University of Rochester PhD Program

University of Rochester’s Kurumada Lab is accepting applicants to our PhD program in the Brain and Cognitive Sciences. Kurumada’s lab investigates the pragmatic aspects of language processing and development: How do young children become able to make adult-like pragmatic implicatures? How do child/adult listeners navigate the noisy and variable spoken input to make reliable pragmatic inferences? Our research combines experimental and computational methods in studying real-time sentence processing. We seek to understand how the bottom-up spoken input is integrated into top-down expectations about the speaker intentions. Our ongoing projects focus on language development, conversation, speech and prosody, sentence processing, pragmatic adaptation & generalization, and communication of pragmatic and social meanings.

The language group in BCS at the University Rochester has a number of researchers (Mike Tanenhaus, Dick Aslin, Florian Jaeger, Brad Mahon, Rajeeve Raizada, Steve Piantadosi, Celeste Kidd) pursuing active and strong research programs. Students have ample opportunities to attend multiple lab meetings, talks and reading groups, some of which have regular attendees from other departments as well. The group has a long history of supporting excellent grad students and post-docs. Many of the alumni are currently PIs at various institutions (a list of alumni can be found here). There are rich collaborations across labs in the BCS department as well as with researchers in the Linguistics department. We support a dual Ph.D degree in BCS and Linguistics/Computer Science.

For more information please visit the department website. Any inquiries about the program and Kurumada lab’s research should be directed to Chigusa Kurumada (

The application deadline for Fall 2017 admission is December 1. Applicants to the program can go to the following link for more information:

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