LoL: now also the Lounge of Linguistics!

Liam welcomes y’all to the LoL!

The Lab of Linguistics (LoL) has a new Lab Manager this year: Liam Käch. Liam will be holding office hours on Mondays (1-2pm) and Thursdays (4-5pm) this semester, during which you can come learn about and check out the equipment for recording, collecting, and analyzing data, use our computer stations and recording booth, or just learn more about linguistic research. Liam can also arrange for you to use the LoL for your own projects outside of office hours, whether it’s conducting a survey for a class project or making recordings to use in your thesis experiment.

And new this year: the Lab of Linguistics becomes the Lounge of Linguistics on Sundays! Come to the Sunday LoL (3-7pm) to hold your study group, work on your problem sets, or just revel in linguistic geekery together. The LoL is a space for all of us; make it yours!

Check out the LoL webpage for up-to-date details.

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