10/5 at 4:30: Yu Lha, “My Language Revitalization Journey”

A villager from a rural community in southeastern Tibet, Yu Lha (Yi Na) is a linguistics student at Robert D. Clark Honors College, University of Oregon. Yu Lha is the author of Warming Your Hands With Moonlight, a book about the oral traditions in Siyuewu Village, where she is from. Siyuewu Village is a small farming community of about 500 in a valley near the Dadu River; Khroskyabs, the language spoken there, is an unwritten tongue and spoken only in the local area. Yu Lha dreams to preserve her people’s customs, culture, and language by creating a system to capture Khroskyabs in written form. Her passion for language resonated with her English teachers who pursued options for her to continue her education in the US.

Yu Lha’s talk is scheduled for Thursday, Oct 5, 4:30pm to 6:00pm, in Psych 105.

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