Stony Brook University’s faculty-led Study Abroad Program “Explore St. Petersburg!”

Dear Linguistics Program Director,

Please tell your advanced Linguistics undergraduate and graduate students about the incredible opportunity to study with some of the world’s leading Linguists while gaining invaluable overseas Internship experience through Stony Brook University’s faculty-led Study Abroad Program “Explore St. Petersburg!”; earning 1-6 credits from Stony Brook, while choosing from a range of available Internships.

The program is hosted by St. Petersburg State University, and works closely with the NY-St. Petersburg Institute of Linguistics, Cognition and Culture (NYI-2018), which will be held this summer for the 16th consecutive year in St. Petersburg.

Program dates are July 7-August 5, 2018  For more information, click here

**Fellowships now available through Stony Brook International Programs.**

NYI’s lineup of Linguistics and Cognitive Psychology faculty for summer 2018:

Daniel Altshuler (Hampshire College)
John F. Bailyn (Stony Brook University)
Ioana Chitoran (Université Paris Diderot)
John E. Drury (Stony Brook University)
Maria Kuvaldina (Farmingdale State College)
Andrew Nevins (University College London)
Omer Preminger (University of Maryland)
Christina Tortora (CUNY Graduate Center & College of Staten Island)
Susi Wurmbrand (University of Connecticut)
(There are also 10 faculty in Cultural and Media Studies, see website for details)

***All seminars are in English***  

This year’s Linguistics/Cognitive Studies program features seminars in:

• Generative Syntax (introductory and advanced)
• Formal Semantics
• Phonological Theory
• Morphological Theory
• Real Spoken English
• Language Universals
• Musical Cognition
• The Language of Comics: Modularity and Mind
• Bioethics

Click here for pdf brochure

To apply click here

The application deadline is April 1, 2018, but applications received before March 15, 2018 will have highest priority.

Thank you for spreading the word of this unique Study Abroad opportunity for Linguistics and CogPsych students!


John Frederick Bailyn
Professor of Linguistics
Director, Stony Brook St. Petersburg Programs

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