Happy Open Access Week!

Science-related Open Access titles include titles published by established publishers, collections of OA journals from one provider, and journals from other sources that were born openly accessible. DOAJ (The Directory of Open Access journals) is a quick way to see what OA journals are available in various subjects.

Two well know collections include The Public Library of Science (PLOS) titles, including PLOS One, and BioMed Central, a collection of OA journals on many subjects related to bioscience and medicine. Another collection, Frontiers, is a community-rooted OA platform which includes titles in many areas of the sciences, from astronomy to veterinary science. (See title list.)

Individual titles of note include:

Remember: Just because a journal calls itself open-access doesn’t mean it is a reputable journal. Concerned? Check Beall’s List of predatory open access publishers and stand-alone journals.

What’s your favorite Open Access journal?