Embedding multimedia content into a WordPress post from Ensemble, part two

  1. Locate your file in the Media Library section of Ensemble. In the dropdown menus across the top of the webpage, make sure the appropriate department and library are selected.
  2. Click on the Embed button 
  3. Copy all of the embed code in the large box.
  4. Go to blogs.reed.edu and login; access your site from the My Sites link at the top left.
  5. In the black menu bar at the top of the page, click New then select Post.wordpress_newpost01
  6. Enter the title of your blog post.
  7. Enter any information that you want to share about the media. 
  8. Change the view from the Visual tab to the Text tab; paste the embed code into the box onto its own line.
  9. Click the Publish button to make your post appear on the blog.


Download a printable version of all the help documentation.