Embedding multimedia content into a WordPress post from Ensemble, part one

  1. Open a web browser and go to ensemble.reed.edu.
  2. Enter your Kerberos username and password, change the Identity Provider dropdown menu to ReedLDAP, and click Login.
  3. In the dropdown menus across the top of the webpage, make sure the appropriate department and library is selected.
  4. Click the green Add button.
  5. Enter a title for the media; click the green Continue button.
  6. Under the Workflow menu item, choose Compress and Stream for video; for audio, choose audio mp3.
  7. Click the Add file button and locate the file on your device.
  8. Click the Start Upload button; after the file has been uploaded, click on the green Continue button.

After uploading content, you will then want to imbed the content into your blog post; view these steps.