2012 Public Policy Lecture Series Announced!

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4 Responses to 2012 Public Policy Lecture Series Announced!

  1. With all due respect, would it have killed you to have someone the least bit heterodox?


    Ethan Epstein, Reed grad

    • Paul Gronke says:

      I think Vargas certainly qualifies as a bit heterodox. Otherwise, these names were generated mainly by the students on the committee, who wanted to hear about the elections.

      We are always looking for suggestions, however. Definitely feel free to send these along or post them here (we had an “open thread” earlier specifically to generate ideas).

  2. Thanks for your response. I only just stumbled across this blog so I missed the open thread. I also don’t live in Portland so won’t be attending any of the events.

    I fail to see what qualifies Vargas as “heterodox” however. Is being a pro-DREAM Act and interested in “video game culture” (it’s more unusual to meet someone his age who ISN’T into video games these days) remotely outside of the squishy, liberal mainstream? In what sense do you find him heterodox?

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