Students of Color Community

Students of Color (SOC) Community is an intentional living community for returning students of color to heal together from systemic white supremacy, recover the parts of ourselves and our cultures that have been stolen through colonization, and dream new visions as we build vibrant, loving community together. We value equitable decision-making, connecting with local communities of color, and affirming individual identities in all of their complexity through sharing and remembering personal stories and collective histories. We center black and indigenous voices, as well as queer and gender-nonconforming voices. We consider mentorship a necessity and will regularly host campus-wide events open to the greater community of students of color at Reed, with particular emphasis on involving first-years. If you have been searching for a supportive space to heal, dream, and make ancestors smile by exploring how to dissolve patterns of domination in your relationships in order to become the beautiful relational being you are, please consider applying to live with us and join us for a community dinner in the coming weeks!

For more information, contact Sidra Morgan-Montoya (, and Samrath Bhattacharya (