The Co-ops: Farm House and Garden House

12141633_1041577415883171_5345924762943928001_n 1470061_663455060362077_1006420662_nThe Farm House and Garden House are each located on 28th St., bordering the edge of campus. They are right by 28 West, home to Community Safety and Residence Life, and are very near to the Reed apartments. Each house has one theme coordinator and one house advisor.

The Co-ops are home to a total of seventeen returning students who choose to create an intentional community revolving around collective meals. We value consensus-based decision- making, teamwork, awareness of environmental impact, and sharing knowledge and skills. There is little distinction between the two houses, although Farm House houses 7 students and Garden House 10. While the Garden House has historically been the vegan Co-op, both Co-ops tend to eat vegetarian or vegan and current residents have a variety of dietary preferences. We always cook to the lowest common denominator to ensure that everyone is happily fed. Please note: The Co-ops are available only to returning students and involve a commitment of 4-6 hours a week. You can apply to live in both houses, but please state which house is your preference in your application, as well as any dietary restrictions!