Commons Snack Mix Recipe

2 bowls Chex cereal from Commons
1 bowl Cheerios
As many sunflower seeds as you’re willing to get at one time from the salad bar
Same for goldfish
3 tbsp-ish butter from the bagel area
1 tsp-ish of your favorite commons hot sauce
1 tbsp-ish soy sauce
Salt (please don’t steal the entire shaker)

Go back to your dorm and melt the butter in the microwave. Add the salt, soy sauce, and hot sauce and mix. Dump the cereals, sunflower seeds, and goldfish into a microwave-safe bowl. Add the butter mixture and toss until covered. Microwave the whole thing for about 8 minutes total, stopping to stir every 2 minutes or so. Dump contents onto some paper towels and leave to dry for about 10 minutes. Success!

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5 Most Useful Things I Brought to College

1) “Light my Fire” Spork
These things are the best. They are a spoon/knife/fork combination but they are dishwasher safe and come in lots of neon colors. I used mine all the time in the dorms-especially when I brought food back to my room only to realize I forgot silverware.

2) Travel Mug
Having cups in your room is great but a travel mug will cover all your beverage-carrying needs. Commons gives you a discount for bringing your own cup, not to mention it’s way better for the environment. Getting an insulated mug is especially great because you can carry warm coffee with you all day long. You can also take them with you into the library, which doesn’t allow open cups.

3) Desk Lamp
You will really want to be able to see what you’re doing and the overhead lighting just won’t cut it. Lamps that can clip to your bed are nice to for late-night reading.

4) Planner/Calendar
Personally, I work best with a physical planner (and the ones in the bookstore are great) but the type doesn’t matter as much as just having a way to keep track of everything. Maybe it’s on your computer, your phone, or a scrap of paper you carry around but regardless, keeping at least a little organized is super helpful. Another perk is that after keeping a calendar for a while you will basically have a diary of all the things you did during the year. It can be fun to look back.

5) Pillow Pet
They just make everything better. Whether you are napping, studying, laughing, crying–it’s all better when you have a happy, cute, squishy animal with you. Really any stuffed animal will be fine but the fact that Pillow Pets can be either pillows or pets is as convenient as it is mind boggling. Also ladies love them.


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8 Tips to Deal with the Rain Like you’re Actually from Portland

As a Portland native, I’ve spent 21 years dealing with all the rain and, honestly, it doesn’t really bug me. Here are some tips for preparing, both mentally and physically, for the torrential downpour.

1) Invest in shoes that keep your feet dry

You can deal with your hair getting a little wet, but there is nothing worst than accidentally stepping in a a giant puddle on your way to school and then sitting through all your classes with wet feet. Seriously, if you are only going to buy one piece of rain gear, get this.

2) Identify things you carry with you that cannot get wet and protect them

Do you carry a laptop to class everyday? Turning in a super important paper? Find a way to keep them safe. Waterproof bags are nice, but the bookstore also sells plastic folders which are much cheaper. In a pinch, just use a garbage bag. You will feel a lot better knowing these vital things are safe.

3) Embrace coziness

I’ve always liked the rain in Portland because it has had a huge impact our ridiculous number of coffee shops. People like to get together in small bright spaces and drink warm things. Just embrace this. Carry coffee with you. Sit in the Paradox and watch the rain. Realize that the weather gives you something to complain about with that cute kid at the bus stop.

4) Stop planning events outside
If you just don’t plan BBQs and picnics in February you can stop being disappointed when you have to cancel them. That being said, rain doesn’t always mean you can’t go outside. You can still go for walks, play sports, and go out to events in the neighborhood, just be prepared and go home and shower afterward.

5) You can have an umbrella

You may have heard that having an umbrella in Portland is considered unacceptable by the locals but I’m giving you permission to have one. Just don’t take it too seriously. If you are going to carry one, don’t also wear a raincoat and rain boots and a hat and rain pants. Personally, I carry a pink polka-dot umbrella and wear a sweatshirt. Umbrella are effective, use one if you want.

6) Remember your vitamin D

Take a supplement or visit a gym with a sun room. You can even invest in your own lamps that will give you your vitamin D boost but this has always seemed like overkill to me. However, approximately 98% of Portlanders do not get enough vitamin D (I just made up this statistic but I bet it’s pretty close to true) so please pay attention, you’ll feel better.

7) Get some exercise

We have a gym. Use it. I know some people find running on a treadmill tedious compared to the outdoors but getting some physical activity in will make you feel much better. You can, of course, run outside in the rain but personally I’m not that motivated so going to my inside yoga class twice a week is a better option.

8) Remember that it’s just water

Seriously people, it won’t hurt you. You will be fine. The worst thing that will happen is you will be wet for a while. Stop panicking.

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