Eliot Chemistry Lab

Before the Scott chemistry building opened its doors in 1992, and even before the “old” chemistry building (the current home of the psychology department) was constructed in 1948, Reed chemistry labs occupied a privileged space under the eaves of Eliot Hall.

I was reminded of this history when I looked at the back cover of Supporters 2007-2008, an insert in the Autumn 2008 issue of the Reed magazine, and caught sight of a photo showing Reed students standing alongside a long lab bench. The dimly lit interior, rows of jars and upended bottles, and the shady outline of the Eliot roof literally “reeks” chemistry. Lab aprons appear to have a long history, but I can’t tell whether protective goggles were routinely worn in the era before World War II.

Eliot chemistry lab pre48.jpg

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This low-resolution photo was generously provided courtesy of Special Collections, Eric V. Hauser Memorial Library, Reed College and may not be reprinted without permission.

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