Nitrogen Day (Reed magazine Spring ’09)

Why do Reedies celebrate nitrogen every spring? Is it just an opportunity to sell Nitrogen Day tee-shirts to the sartorially sensitive set? Reed magazine reported on Nitrogen Day: Behind Reed’s Enduring Affinity for the Seventh Element in the Spring 2009 issue of the Reed magazine.

Apparently you have to go back more than 20 years to find out because Prof. Shusterman confessed total ignorance, while Emeritus Prof. Dunne admitted to being a participant. Several alumni also weighed in, including: Rob Mack ’93, David Weinstock ’92, Nick Kaplinsky ’93, Al Kun ’95, Francisco Toro ’97, Steve Carlson ’93, and Ben Brau ’93.

[Shusterman adds: This article appeared in the aptly named Apocrypha section of the magazine.]

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  1. Alan Shusterman says:

    Respect for nitrogen appears to spreading off campus too. The Summer 2009 issue of the Reed magazine reports on a Nitrogen Day party held at the home of Steve Carlson ’93 in the San Carlos hills of California.
    20 grown adults, including alumni associated with the Bay Area chapter, and not a few children, partook in Nitrogen Day festivities which included: a “bouncy castle” (containing much nitrogen), “instant ice cream” (prepared with the help of liquid nitrogen), and “frozen roses” (something you can make with any leftover liquid nitrogen, but why would there be any leftover if you made the ice cream first?).

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