Prof. Kelly Chacón “on Tap” with Biochemistry

The Clinton Street Theatre near the Reed campus is currently offering Science on Tap, an evening lecture series that features an inviting beer-and-soft-chair approach to learning science. This past week’s celebrity scientist “on tap” was Reed’s newest biochemistry professor, Kelly Chacón (2015-), who spoke to a large crowd about metals in our bodies, the environment, and superbugs. As Kelly told Channel 2 (KATU), “This was an enormous challenge because what I want to do is not get lost in the weeds. I think a lot of time with scientists it’s really easy to get too bogged down by details, but I also want to be accurate.

Watch the video of Kelly and Science on Tap appearing on yesterday’s KATU 6 o’clock news. It wasn’t all biochemistry and heme proteins. There was beer, audience members having a good time, and even someone taking notes. (Insiders: watch carefully for the cameo appearance of Reed biology prof, Sarah Schaack at 2:02)

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