Maileen Nakashima ’19 Explores Sulfur/Iodine Flux Synthesis

The Portland section of the American Chemical Society held its 4th annual Undergraduate Poster Symposium and Career Fair at Portland State University’s SRTC building on October 22. There were cash prizes, free pizza and pastries, but most of all, the chance to show off what you have been doing to Portland’s local chemistry community, and to see what others have been doing as well.

Last summer Maileen traveled to Tallahassee, Florida, home of Florida State University, to study flux synthesis of solid state materials, a research area in Prof. Susan Latturner’s laboratory. Maileen said that the pace of research was a good fit for her summer plans, and she especially liked the direct link between the x-ray techniques she learned in Chem 212 lab last spring and the techniques she applied in the Latturner lab.

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