Brent Michel ’17 Driving Towards Counseling Degree

Brent will be leaving Portland in the next few days and he will be traveling light.

After 7 years in Portland, including the usual 4 years as a Reed chemistry student, and post-Reed work as an after-school science educator and first-responder to calls at a local crisis hot line, Brent has zeroed in on his career ambition: to study for an advanced degree in mental health counseling and provide people in need with professional counseling.

So he is packing up the car, and telling his well-used furniture and Portland friends ‘see ya’ later‘, and driving cross-country to Raleigh, North Carolina where he will enter the North Carolina State University’s Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling program in mid-May.

Wave to him as he drives by.

Bon voyage, Brent!

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