About RIPP

The Reed Independent Performance Project is a student-led production team committed to providing a theatrical laboratory where innovative creation is made accessible to members of the Reed Community, empowering the student body to take their creativity into their own hands.


What is RIPP?

RIPP stands for Reed Independent Performance Project! But more than that, RIPP is a place for Reed artists of all kinds to come together to make art. It’s a group run by and for the student body.

What’s it like to work with RIPP?

  1. Submit a project proposal! (link to project proposal form)
  2. Receive an email if your project got approved or not approved
  3. If approved, collaborate with a point person! A point person is a member of the RIPP board who works with you to help connect you to resources, figure out logistics, etc throughout the process

Where is the Annex and how can I use it?

The Annex is here!

If you want to use the Annex for your project, make sure to specify in your project proposal OR when you talk to your point person! When working in the Annex, make sure to have a RIPP board member present with you, or talk about it with your point person.

What is RIPP’s COVID policy?

This year, RIPP is open to outdoor and multimedia productions to limit the spread of covid and keep the Reed community safe. However, accepted project proposals are subject to change at any time to fit covid safety needs.

2021-2022 Outgoing RIPP Board

(We thank you for a wonderful season, and look forward to welcoming the 2022-23 Board in the coming year!)

Aaron Berlau (they/he) is RIPP’s go-to person for set, costume, and prop needs, but more importantly is RIPP’s one and only Pisces. They are super excited to see RIPP bring together different worlds of the student body, with collaborations of artists from various different areas.

Carver Buchanan (Any Pronouns) is RIPP’s treasurer, COVID-19 Liaison, and proud Taurus. They know nothing about astrology, but it’s fine. As the resident non-theater department person, they’re excited to expand RIPP outside of the department and change the definition of what performance can be.

Ara Manoogian (they/them) is RIPP’s technical director and resident Libra. They love projects that focus on community, care, and joy.

Thalia Wolff (they/them) is the publicity/marketing director and archivist for RIPP 2021-22; they have regrettably been a Virgo their whole life, and are likely to remain one for some time. They love the interdisciplinarity of RIPP and its capacity to bring different creative communities and minds together.

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