Noelwah R. Netusil, Professor, Economics

Netusil currently serves on: the Northwest Power and Conservation Council’sIndependent Economic Analysis Board, the board of Mercy Corps Northwest, the Aubudon Society of Portland board, the steering committee for the Urban Ecosystem Research Consortium of Portland/Vancouver, and the editorial board of Land Economics, among others. Here at Reed, Netusil teaches Environmental Economics, a course that involves a highly structured experiential learning component. In recent years, Netusil’s students have worked in small groups and as a class to write and later present reports about complex policy issues to project sponsors such as the Audubon Society of Portland. Netusil began introducing this experiential component in 1992 in order for her students to become better informed about the motivations behind policy-making, and once armed with that knowledge, to be capable of being better citizens and activists. Netusil also expressed her hope that the project would help Reedies realize that the skills they are learning in college are extremely valuable and can be readily applied to real-world endeavors.

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