Mike Koontz, Assistant Director of Community Safety

Koontz is a volunteer with Homes for Our Troops. Koontz has helped build two local homes in Oregon in the last 2 years, both for soldiers who lost both legs in Iraq and Afghanistan. One was injured when a roadside bomb exploded under his vehicle and the other was on foot patrol when someone rolled a grenade from behind a dumpster.  The homes are specifically adapted to be accessible for the particular veteran and his or her disability and are built at no cost to the veteran. Koontz has helped by carrying lumber, driving nails, installing windows and siding, using power tools to cut specific dimensions of lumber, and cleaning up around the work site. Koontz and his wife are both involved in the project and he says, “It is truly enjoyable to help out and give back to a person and their family who have sacrificed so much to keep us safe and free.”

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