Emily Crotteau, Biology-Math, Class of 2013

Crotteau is the Environmental Intern for SEEDS. She coordinates weekend service projects that provide opportunities for students to get involved in habitat restoration and urban farming, and to learn about local waterways, ecosystems and environmental projects throughout Portland. Crotteau says, “These projects bring students into direct contact with the land, and offer a great way to meet and connect with other Reed students and the wider Portland community. Rain or shine, my work celebrates being outdoors.” Crotteau says she values being able to share the work she loves with other people while continuing to learn about environmental endeavors happening in Portland. She is also beginning to develop a free online gardening program, which she hopes will empower more people to create home gardens and will increase food self-sufficiency.

Crotteau also also volunteered at Oaks Bottom with Sue Thomas since her freshman year in a variety of ways, from planting trees to conducting amphibian surveys. Crotteau said, “What’s awesome about Sue is the thoughtfulness and sense of perspective she brings to the work she does. For instance, her work is by definition focused on environmental restoration, but rather than cordoning off ‘the environment’ in some pristine, inaccessible box, she actively searches for ways to make it engaging and participatory for people, especially for children.” Crotteau hopes that other Reed students will join her and help contribute to Thomas’s work. (see entry on Sue Thomas)

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