Julie Fry, Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies

Fry uses her scholarly research about air pollution and climate change to inform  the larger community. In addition to being a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists, she has presented about atmospheric science and climate change to Downtown Fellowship, 350.org rally, and the Portland section of the American Chemical Society. Fry has also written editorials on climate science for the Oregonian and has helped to develop a Science On A Sphere exhibit on nitrogen oxides at OMSI, which incorporated satellite maps from a student’s thesis project. She expects that these beyond-the-academy ways of communicating environmental science will inform the new interdisciplinary course in Environmental Studies. Fry encourages Reedies to become involved in projects that they feel passionate about and that are the “right size” for their schedule, so that their volunteer commitments renew and excite them rather than add undue stress to their lives.

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