Julie Maxfield, Director of Academic Support Services

Maxfield participated in Partnerships for Student Achievement through AmeriCorps. From 2002-2004, Maxfield served at an “at-risk” high-school in Beaverton as a tutor and mentor, and the subsequent year she was hired as one of their Special Education Instructional Aides. During these years, she also volunteered with the KBOO community radio station to help Oregon teenagers write radio and she facilitated a creative writing workshop at Jean’s Place, a transitional housing shelter for women in the Portland area. At Reed, Maxfield has served on a number of voluntary committees and appreciates the spirit of informal collaboration she has witnessed among faculty and staff. Maxfield believes that there is ample opportunity to better support students, both individuals and identity groups, on campus. She says, “We need to make Reed a safe place for all peoples’ voices to be heard, and if we’re not hearing from certain groups, that may mean that we’re not there yet.”

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