Ned Carson, Spanish Literature, Class of 2013

Carson will work for Beyond el Campo, a literacy and education initiative in Costa Rica. By hosting book groups for readers of all ages, literacy camps, English classes, reading hours for young mothers, and special events, Beyond el Campo brings together the community of Los Santos through the joy and inspiration of reading. Carson will work with the local directors of the Biblioteca Pública to bring the library into the community and to help get eager residents into the library. In addition to making the library an inviting space to learn and play, Carson will focus specifically on building the reading habits of children through a fun and rewarding book club that will keep them sharp while they are out of school on vacation, and give them a new perspective on just how fun and rewarding reading can be. For Carson, this internship represents a tremendous opportunity to use his skills and experience as a teacher and leader in a brand-new context where he can make a real difference: “A community without a good school or public library lacks the joy, inspiration, and plain usefulness of a solid collection of books, a good librarian, a decent internet connection, and a nice public space where one can learn new things along with friends and neighbors. I will work to be the best leader and teacher I can be by helping the men, women, and children of Santa Cruz become the readers they can be.”

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