Sandesh Adhikary, Physics, Class of 2015 & Aashis Thapa, Biology, Class of 2015

Adhikary and Thapa will be interning at Young Yatri Organization in the initiation phase of its Open School Initiative Nepal (OSI Nepal) Project, which will be creating a wiki-based web archive comprising of digitized textbooks, video lectures and numerous other educational tools in order to foster a collaborative and open educational environment in Nepal. They will be working with fellow volunteers, students, teachers and other education enthusiasts in order to generate high quality educational content to serve as a supplement, or even a substitute, to the available inadequate educational resources available to a majority of students, especially in the rural parts of the country. Adhikary and Thapa’s project focuses primarily on creating content for a tenth grade curriculum. The two are extremely excited about this opportunity and write, “We look forward to helping generate high quality educational content and, with the aid of open source technology, transform it into a dynamic and continuously evolving educational asset.”


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