Japanese Flowering Cherry

Scientific Name: Prunus serrulata
Genus: Prunus
Family: Rosaceae

IMG_0047 japanese flowering cherryJapanese Flowering CherryThis cherry had over 120 cultivars, which are usually grafted onto Prunus avium stock (evident by a bulge with several limbs coming out at the same point). Many of the cultivars originated many years ago in Japan.

‘Akebono’ – In 1920 the W. B. Clarke & Co. nursery in San Jose, California, introduced a new seedling called ‘Akebono’, which has had wide distribution and is very popular. As Japanese Flowering Cherries go, the Akebono can become quite large. Its blossoms are a delicate pink color; they make the tree look like a cloud in the spring.

‘Kwanzan’ – The Kwanzan Cherry is ornamental, producing large, double, rosy-pink, pendant clusters of blooms. It is planted along many of Portland’s streets.

‘Shirotae’ – This beautiful, spreading cherry with fragrant, snow white flowers is also called `Mt. Fuji.’ It is easy to spot at any time of the year because of its low horizontal growth pattern.