Crabapples / Apples

Genus: Malus
Family: Rosaceae

A deciduous fruit tree, the Crabapple produces a small, tart apple that makes excellent jellies and is also used for pickling. There are many varieties of this species distinguished by the variety of their delicate flowers. They are grown as fruit trees and as ornamentals.

  • Japanese Flowering Crabapple

    Scientific name: Malus floribunda

    Japanese Flowering CrabappleJapanese Flowering Crabapple A deciduous tree native to Japan, it has abundant red buds that turn into white blossoms in the spring. These trees make quite a show in the spring.
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  • Purple Leaf Crabapple

    Scientific name: Malus x purpurea

    Purple Leaf CrabapplePurple Leaf CrabappleA  deciduous tree, it grows fast to 20 by 20 feet. One of the most common crabapples in Portland, the foliage and twigs are purplish. The flowers, single or semidouble, are purplish-red and large, blooming here in April.
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