Scientific Name: Magnolia
Genus: Magnolia
Family: Magnoliaceae

Magnolias are beautiful flowering trees and shrubs that come in many varieties. Most of the magnolias at Reed are too small to be considered trees, so we’ve only included a few in this site.

  • Evergreen Magnolia

    Scientific name:

    IMG_0427 magnolia evergreenIMG_0428 magnolia evergreen
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  • Magnolia Denudata

    Scientific name: Magnolia denudata

    IMG_0428 magnolia denundataIMG_0427 magnolia denundata
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  • Moonglow Magnolia

    Scientific name: Magnolia virginiana

    IMG_0193 moonglow magnoliaIMG_0192 moonglow magnolia
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  • Saucer Magnolia

    Scientific name: Magnolia x soulangiana

    Saucer Magnolia Saucer Magnolia Saucer Magnolia is a hybrid of two magnolias native to China. The tree reaches 30 feet in height and in spread, is an early bloomer among the magnolias, and sometimes can be damaged by a late spring frost. The many cultivars include some with enormous flowers, others with dark purplish flowers, and one with white flowers.
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  • Star Magnolia

    Scientific name: Magnolia stellata

    Star MagnoliaStar Magnolia Most popular of the smaller magnolias, it is intricately branched and wide spreading. Displays of fragrant, slender, many-petalled white flowers emerge in late March and early April, before the leaves develop. Flowering continues as the plant leafs out.
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