Weekly Schedule

January, 2019

I would like to see you! So how can we arrange this?

Office hours (listed below & on calendar) are your best option.

Make an appointment? Next to office hours, scheduling an appointment is the most reliable way to get together. Consult my calendar (below) for free times, and email me (alan@reed.edu) your suggested times.

Drop by! My office (408) is at the top of the stairs in chemistry. When I am not scheduled for something else (see calendar), I am usually in my office with the door open. Feel free to drop in. I will let you know if I am not truly “free”.

Missed me? If you drop by my office and miss me, please leave a note on my office door so that I know you dropped by. Thanks, Alan

Spring ’19 OFFICE HOURS: M (11-11:45), W (11-12), F (2-3)

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